Assalamualaikum stalker :) I have 8 rules for my better life, 1.never hate. 2.don't worry simply 4.expect a little 5.give a lot 6.always smile with love of all ,be with Allah :)

Husna Izzati here 17/09/1996 kota damansara

birthday Syamsul Aarif

                                                       with suhaida
                                      with my senior yang mereng+poyo :p
                                 alahai birthday boy buat muka omeyy lah :3
                                          with birthday boy! yeah SPAIN <3
celebrate 6/7/2012 :) kat mcD je pon. hihi thanks belanja mcFlurry birthday boy :D selamat hari tua SYAMSUL AARIF :) May Allah Bless You and goodluck for SPM this year ;)