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Husna Izzati here 17/09/1996 kota damansara

Kent Prince & Princess by Himpunan Wanita Muda 2012

here my new story.. one of my bestie join THIS! "Kategori Talent Prince & Princess" and.... she got 1st place to be a princess xD OMGOMGOMG *jeritmacamlisasurihanidalamceritaistanbulakudatang* i'm so proud of you. even 1st time masuk, she already kalahkan 100 lebih model lain yang dah banyak kali masuk pertandingan! oh gosh! you're so lucky dear! hopefully you'll be sucess in ur future ;) goodluck.
wuuuu~ hambek kau! haaha -_- see her face? i thought she will be actor as a ghost -_-' lol
how sweet of them ;)
                                         PRINCE , FARAHIN & PRINCESS :)
both of them got 1st place to be sweet PRINCE & PRINCESS :3
she like a barbie doll -_- i'm not sure this is my friend or doll xP haha okay joke.
            She's JASSARINA SABRINA LOUGHLAND :) our barbie in the world :p